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嗅覚, 匂い - エレクトロニック鼻 Olfaction, smell – electronic nose

嗅覚, 匂い - エレクトロニック鼻

Olfaction, smell – electronic nose
Geruchsinn, riechen – elektronische Nase
Olfaction, sentir - nez électronique

The Neurobiology of Olfaction (Frontiers in Neuroscience):

The Nobel prize for odorant receptors and the organization of the olfactory system, was last awarded in 2004.

Alpha MOS, a French company, based in Toulouse conceives and markets instruments and solutions for chemical profiling. The company with offices in Japan, USA, India and China is specialized in sensing technologies that digitize the human senses to provide an odor, taste or chemical profile of a product.

Flavor / Odor identification and quantification

+ Aroma adulteration
+ Aroma profiling
+ Aroma quality
+ Aroma stability
+ Flavor dilution
+ Odor compliance
+ Odor masking
+ Odor profile
+ Odorant contamination
+ Rancidity and oxidation
+ Reverse engineering

Alpha MOS was set up in 1993 and owns several patents in the highly interdependent fields of Electronic Noses, Tongues and Vision - odor, taste and visual measurements.


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