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振り付け光 - 屈折 Choreographing light - refraction

振り付け光 - 屈折

Choreographing light - refraction
Choreografiert Licht – Refraktion
Lumière chorégraphier - réfraction

Scientifically, this phenomenon can be explained by light refraction. When light rays hit a transparent surface, they continue their trajectory but are bent as a function of the surface geometry and optical properties of the material. 

Rayform SA, provides a service to integrate light redirection technology into luxury goods, allowing the products to form highly detailed images by reflection or refraction when illuminated. They can compose any image they want, from a simple form such as a star to complex representations such as faces or landscapes. The light can come from any directed light source, e.g. a flash light, a spotlight, or the sun.

Applications for shaping light of this award-winning technology on computational caustic design and engineering are:

+ Architecture
+ Display cases
+ Windows
+ Fountains
+ Ornamentations on museums and monuments
+ Decorating glasses, vases, carafes, jewelry etc.
+ Automobile headlights
+ Projectors

Rayform SA, is a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and is based in Ecublens, Switzerland.


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