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ヘルスモニタリング - 消費者市場 Health monitoring - consumer markets

ヘルスモニタリング - 消費者市場

Health monitoring - consumer markets
Gesundheits Monitoring – Verbrauchermärkte
Surveillance santé - marchés consommateurs

Discreet and secure: wearable monitoring device to sustain a healthy lifestyle

Biovotion Ltd. actively promotes the consumerization of healthcare, providing solutions that integrate medical grade quality and reliability with ease-of-use and design of the consumer markets. Digital health solutions support users in keeping a healthy lifestyle, improve healthcare treatment outcomes, and aiming to reduce cost of health provisions.

Current monitored parameters:

+ Heart rate
+ Blood oxygenation
+ Skin temperature
+ Skin blood perfusion
+ Steps / Motion

Future monitored parameters:

+ Respiratory rate
+ Heart rate variability
+ Energy expenditure
+ Blood pressure wave
+ Stress
+ Sleep
+ Cutaneous water / sweat
+ Blood glucose

Biovotion Ltd., based in Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 2011 by experts in wearable monitoring and is today a leading wearable physiology monitoring company, providing integrated solutions with connected hardware and value-added monitoring services.

a) Multiple international, prestigious prizes received
b) Named Europe’s most innovative medical device company
c) Management team is internationally recognized for its expertise in wearable monitoring


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