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ガス漏れ検知器 – 10回もっと早く Detect gas leaks - 10x faster

ガス漏れ検知器 – 10回もっと早く
Detect gas leaks - 10x faster
Erkennen von Gaslecks - 10x schneller
Détecter les fuites de gaz - 10x plus rapide

A single unit to replace dozens of sensors:

Industry spends billions each year to reduce downtime and accidents. Sensors are placed everywhere in factories - plants, requiring complex risk planning, data management and complicated infrastructure.

Distran develops ultrasonic imaging devices that allow to find gas leaks, sparks and other defects 10x faster than other methods.

+ Hand-held and continuous monitoring
+ Detects all leaks in its field of view
+ Spots leaks up to 100m away
+ A few minutes are sufficient
+ Acoustic images are visual and easy to understand
+ Can be used in extremely noisy areas

A single 3mm leak in a common 70 bar gas installation is equivalent to the annual CO2 emission of 110 000 cars.

Distran GmbH was founded in 2013 and is a spinoff of the ETH Zurich, Switzerland.


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