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アイトラッキング技術 - マーケティング Eye-tracking technology - marketing

アイトラッキング技術 - マーケティング
Eye-tracking technology - marketing
Eye-Tracking-Technologie - Marketing
Eye-tracking technologie - Marketing

A lightweight, portable, head-mounted eye gaze-tracking device

Pomelo provides complete in-store shopper marketing services to retailers. Using its innovative eye-tracking technology, Pomelo provides information on where consumers look when visiting a retail store and where they stop to look at products and displays. In contrast to standard eye-tracking research, Pomelo operates in real stores with real consumers recruited on the spot.

When scientists, technology and business expertise join together:

+ Measure: real behavior of the shoppers in your category or store

Collect data with the proprietary technologies and build reality models

+ Understand: shopper behavior models, in store-data, sales-data

Relevant insights and controls

+ Advise: recommendations, best practices and guidelines, actionable responses

Based on facts, numbers and experience

The Company, based in Renens VD, Switzerland, was founded in July 2011. A very impressive number of clients are using the results of this technology, allowing them to make real modifications in the shops.

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