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ポータブル弁当箱 Portable lunchbox

Portable lunchbox
Tragbare Lunch-Box
Lunchbox portable

Healthy and warm food – anytime and anywhere: That is the vision of Faitron. The Swiss start-up has developed a lunchbox, HeatsBox, heating any meal within 15 minutes.

A delicious meal while saving money:

+ portable slim and sleek design
+ 12V TO 240V - no matter which power source you have on side
+ heating time of less than 15 minutes for all types of foods
+ patent pending heating solution - 85 WATT
+ passed all the technical assessments
+ healthier way of eating

During high school in Zurich, the two Co-Founders Fabian Graf and Aron Kenessey faced a daily challenge to find the right solution for lunchtime. While eating in the cafeteria could have been healthy, the food lacked in flavor and going to the city center was time consuming and expensive. There was a huge need to find a solution that allowed them to heat up food anywhere and that’s how the idea behind HeatsBox was formed.

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