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ナノドローン - 自分撮り Nano drones - sefies

ナノドローン - 自分撮り
Nano drones - selfies
Nano-Drohnen - selfies
Nano drones - selfies

Drofie is the World's first folding Nano drone - Small drone for your pocket with a High Resolution Video Camera.

Ultimate flying selfie stick with the size of an iPhone to take pictures and videos:

+ For Android smart phone or Google Watch.
+ Follow me - auto-follow mode.
+ GPS navigation.
+ Obstacle avoidance.
+ Lightweight only 140g.
+ Instant take-off and landing.
+ P2P Streaming.
+ Automatically syncs photos and videos to your smart device.
+ FAA regulated, you do not need to have a license to own or operate.
+ Patent Pending.
+ Full commercial launch is expected 2017.

An Entrepreneur who left his family and friends in Egypt and moved overseas to Latvia, built several not very successful startups until he came up with the ultimate flying selfie stick. The startup, which is still in pre-launch, joined the Kickstart Accelerator - fast-track gateway for entrepreneurs in Zurich, Switzerland in August, receiving with it the funding and an 11-week program of building, learning and networking.

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