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ドローン対策 Drone Countermeasures

Drone Countermeasures
Drohnen Gegenmassnahmen
Drone contre - mesures

DroneRANGER was developed to detect and defeat any kind of unmanned aerial vehicle, from micro-drones to large UAVs. DroneRANGER in combination with the Long Range Radar System is applied to protect critical infrastructures where drones need to be detected at large distances. Micro-drones are typically detected within a distance of 2 to 4 km.

SCG's counter-drone system DroneRANGER won the Countering Drone Challenge, in the categories Best Detection and Determination System as well as Best End-to-End System.

The defense system consists:

+ jamming system blocking radio frequencies used to remote control drones
+ blocking the frequency bands of Global Satellite Navigation System allowing drones to fly by auto-pilot
+ automatically drone detection or through manual assistance by a supervisor
+ antennas interfaced with the radar or camera system (optional)


+ Critical infrastructure protection (government premises, nuclear power plants, airports)
+ Military and Homeland Security
+ Protection against espionage attacks
+ Protection of prisons against smuggling weapons, mobile phones and drugs
+ Border protection

SCG Security & Counterintelligence Group LLC was founded in 2012 in Zug, in the heart of Switzerland. As a privately owned Swiss company, SCG Security & Counterintelligence Group LLC remains true to principles as quality, privacy and neutrality.

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