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インドア農業 Indoor farming

Indoor farming
Indoor Landwirtschaft
Agriculture intérieure

Vertical plant factory builder - grow, harvest and consume locally:

Urban Crops creates tailored growth infrastructures, which are turnkey, automated, robotized and able to be integrated into existing production facilities or food processing units. Urban Crops also has its own range of growth container products. As a total solution provider, Urban Crops can also supply seeds, substrates and nutrients for all its growth recipes. Currently the company has more than 160 varieties of crops that can be grown in its systems using growth protocols developed specifically for indoor farming by its team of plant scientists.

+ climate controlled multi-layer environment
+ own developed LED lights
+ achieves shorter growth cycles
+ higher water efficiency
+ safe and healthy crops (no pesticides or herbicides needed)
+ can be installed in new buildings, in existing (industrial) buildings or unused spaces
+ gives the clients the possibility to grow, harvest and consume locally
+ every day and in any chosen quantity

The main office of Urban Crops is situated in Belgium in the heart of the Western European vegetable industry and surrounded by internationally recognized machine building companies. In Belgium, the company has built the largest European automated growth indoor farm to date, used mainly for R&D purposes and test runs for potential customers.

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