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ウインドタービン - ウインドツリー Wind turbine - wind tree

ウインドタービン - ウインドツリー
Wind turbine - wind tree
Wind-Turbine - Wind-Baum
Turbine à vent - arbre à vent

The wind turbine for your backyard:

Wind Tree uses tiny silent blades to generate electricity from light breezes. Aeroleaves generate electricity in wind speeds as low as 7km/h regardless of the wind direction. This can provide enough power to supply 15 street lamps or one electrical car for 1,360km over the course of a year.

A combination of micro electricity and multiple turbines that can harvest the smallest of winds and accumulate their individual energy units

A lower activation threshold and an inertia rate close to zero, for increased production of ± 300 days per year

The electronic regulator in each leaf harvests the maximum amount of power every second

Its vertical-axis turbine contributes to a perfectly unobtrusive presence

A solidly built mechanism, devoid of belts or gears, for greater durability

The number of units used is adaptable to the consumer’s needs, anywhere from 500 W to 3 kW

A Plug & Play system allows the consumer to change the individual Aeroleafs without risking any drop in tension

The company NewWind was founded 2011, obtained several awards and the R&D facility is located in Paris, France.

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