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ミックス現実ゲーム Mixed-reality games

Mixed-reality games
Mixed-Reality Spiele
Jeux de réalité mélangée

The game where you walk in the real world to play mixed-reality quests and 
score virtual points.

Gbanga Millform Inc is the award-winning pioneer and leader in mixed-reality entertainment. The games, toys and apps merge the virtual and real worlds to 
increase player immersion and to promote advertising content.

More than a game:

+ IPCM - Interactive Product Content Management:
Static product catalogs to interactive 3D smart 
digital replicas

+ SBL - Simulation Based Learning:
Simulation/VR based training, interactive 
experiential learning

+ RAVE - Real Asset Virtualization Environment:
3D Models of Manufacturing Assets (for example 
process manufacturing machinery)

The company Gbanga, Millform Inc. was founded in 2007 and is based in Zürich, Switzerland.

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