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ペン&カラーペンシル Pens & Colour Pencils

Pens & Colour Pencils
Kugelschreiber & Farbstifte
Stylos et crayons de couleur

Writing instruments and the most luminous colors:

The company was founded in 1915, and was originally called “Fabrique Genevoise de Crayons”. The name ‘Caran d’Ache’ arrived in 1924. The Turkish name for a pencil comes from their term for graphite - black stone, or ‘kara tash’. This led to the Russian word for a pencil - ‘karandash’. In turn, that was taken by a French political cartoonist, who decided to use the name ‘Caran d’Ache’. The name was adopted by the Geneva-based pencil maker, and the brand was born.

Products in their innovative history:

+Technograph is the classic pencil - yellow, with gold lettering
+ Fixpencil was the first and patented clutch pencil
+ Prismalo Aquarelle was the world’s first watercolor
+ Neocolor wax oil pencils
+ Ecridor a luxurious alternative to the Fixpencil
+ 849, a simpler classic Swiss design
+ Madison their first fountain pen
+ Luminance 6901 a new range of colored pencils

Caran d'Ache SA, is located in Geneva, Switzerland and has today some 280 employees. These include experienced specialists, unique professionals, people who have been with the company for many years.

Caran d’Ache’s philosophy is simple: use high-quality materials and a sound design to create a superior-quality product.


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