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スカイカー Flying car

Flying car
Fliegendes Auto
Voiture volante

Make flying cars a reality:

Lilium is designing the world’s fastest and highest-range electric aircraft that is commercially available. The concept of the Lilium Jet is to make flying a as simple as driving an electric car.

+ fast
+ energy-efficient
+ quiet
+ safe

The two-seated ultralight aircraft works with 36 electric engines and does not need a runway thanks to the so-called VTOL technology (vertical take-off and landing). It can carry 200 kilos of payload. The expected range of the aircraft will be roughly 300 kilometers and a flying speed of 300 kilometers per hour.

Lilium GmbH, was founded in 2015 by four engineers and doctoral students from the Technical University of Munich and the company is located in Gilching, Germany. Today the company has already more than thirty employees.

No need to wait for the bus, no need to conform with plane and train schedules. Go wherever you want, whenever you want - take the Lilium Jet!

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