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馬術 + センサー + 分析 Equestrian + sensors+ analysis

馬術 センサー 分析

Equestrian + sensors + analysis

Reitsport + Sensoren + Analyse

Equestre + capteurs + analyse


The skill - sport of horse riding:


Alogo Analysis SA is a Swiss company who provide statistical data for equestrian sports, specifically show-jumping. The goal of the company is to modernize the discipline by introducing innovative solutions to quantify the athletes’performance.



AlogoSHOW a unique patented system enhances fans experience in venue and raise public interest in the discipline.


AlogoMOVE sensors analyze horse’s movement andwill allow coaches and riders to precisely quantify their performance and thus improve their training.



The company was incorporated 09.08.2016 and the headquarter is based in Apples (Lausanne),Switzerland.


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