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ディープラーニングアルゴリズム - 視覚的検索 Deep learning algorithms - visual search

ディープラーニングアルゴリズム - 視覚的検索
Deep learning algorithms - visual search
Tief lernende Algorithmen - visuelle Suche
Algorithmes d'apprentissage profond - recherche visuelle

Making search through images simple:

Clarifai an artificial intelligence company specializes in using deep learning algorithms for visual search. The software will help companies to find photos—whether they’re on your mobile phone, a dating website, or on a corporate network.

+ Organization: group, sort, and categorize visual content
+ Moderation: moderate and filter owned and user-generated content without manual intervention
Visual Search: connect users with exactly what they’re looking for
Custom Training: recognize any concept in your world
Enterprise Services: achieve any goal with visual recognition

Clarifai Inc., was founded in 2013 by Matthew Zeiler, a foremost expert in machine learning, and is based New York, USA.

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