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医師に患者 - リアルタイムで Doctors to patients - in real-time

医師に患者 - リアルタイム
Doctors to patients - in real-time
Ärzte zu Patienten - in Echtzeit
Médecins à patients - en temps réel

A world with rising healthcare costs:

Knok Healthcare, Lda develops and operates a healthcare platform that enables on-demand and in person medical support services to patients.

The mission: To revolutionize healthcare and center its focus on doctors and patients. Connects doctors to patients in real-time for personal appointments.

Saves time:
The doctor comes to the patient, meeting him wherever it is needed, avoiding the long and stressful waiting queues.

Builds comfort:
It is never easy to bring small children and elderly people with mobility problems to a hospital.

Always near:
Through GPS, the patient can see who the nearby doctors are and request any of them.

4 taps to request the specific doctor that a patient wants to set an appointment.


Patient data will be encrypted and confidential.

The startup Knok Healthcare, Lda was founded 2015 and is based in Porto, Portugal.

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