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テーラーメイドジーンズ、チノ Tailor - made jeans, chinos

Tailor - made jeans, chinos
Massgeschneiderte Jeans, Chinos
Jeans sur mesure, chinos

On average, women try 20 jeans on until they finally buy one:

Selfnation offers mass customized, perfectly fitting jeans with online 3D visualization technologies and highly automated production processes. Selfnation, a team of fashion designers and engineers, solves this problem and makes the jeans shopper’s life much easier.

Woman + Men: JEANS - CHINOS

+ 8 body measurements to directly see a personal 3D model of the body and the jeans
+ like you would stand in front of a mirror
+ select the preferred jeans style
+ playfully change the look of the jeans
+ sewing pattern for the perfectly fitting jeans is computed automatically
+ jeans are tailored in Germany with premium quality denim from Italy
+ after ten days, the customer gets the jeans delivered at home

RealLook AG was founded in October 2013 and is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

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