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ソーラー・エネルギー低廉な Solar energy more affordable

Solar energy more affordable
Solarenergie erschwinglicher
Énergie solaire abordable

Effective solar cells using affordable technologies, with the aim to reach a 40% efficiency:

Insolight developed a flat optical panel that directs sunrays on smaller and highly efficient solar cells, which are normally used in satellites. The technology can produce twice as much electricity for the same surface area than conventional panels. The yield (the quantity of electricity produced from the light energy received) of Insolight’s first prototype is of 36%, which could be considered as a world record, while solutions currently available on the market offer throughput of only around 18-20%.

Technology and advantages:

+ planar optical micro-tracking, consists of thin optical layers that can redirect sunlight coming from any direction towards the concentrator
+ concentrator stays at a fixed position and can be mounted like any flat solar panels
+ drastically reduce the solar cell area
+ smaller and highly efficient solar cells
+ cost improvement for competitive solar electricity

The company Insolight Sarl was founded August 2015, and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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