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家畜のバイオメディカル パラメーター Biomedical parameters of livestock

家畜のバイオメディカル パラメーター
Biomedical parameters of livestock
Biomedizinische Parameter des Viehbestandes
Paramètres biomédicaux du bétail

A simple and efficient system to detect bovine heats:

The ANEMON System sends an SMS when your cow is on heat. The detection high reliability is based on the body temperature and the cow’s activity variations.

+ Simple use: you only need your usual cell phone and a computer.

+ Detection reliability: the system is the most reliable on the market with a tested detection rate of more than 90%

+ Cost reduction: thanks to the reliability and precision you significantly improve the fertilization rate of your herd

The company Anemon SA was founded September 2008 and is based in Saint-Imier / Switzerland.


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