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屋外 - スマートパーキング、リアルタイム Outdoor - smart parking, real-time

屋外 - スマートパーキング、リアルタイム
Outdoor - smart parking, real-time
Outdoor - smart parken, in Echtzeit
Extérieur - parking intelligent, en temps réel

Improves the overall quality of life for all citizens:

Parquery provides outdoor parking occupancy information via cameras and computer vision software. The cloud-based, software solution allows users to see on-street parking availability and provides users with real-time vacancy data and smart routing options.

For city administrations - parking managers:

+ Real-time notification of occupied parking spaces
+ Overstay detection possible
+ Highly reliable imaging processing
+ Works with simple digital cameras
+ Very economical solution
+ Increases parking efficiency - revenues

The company Parquery AG a technology spin-off from the Computer Vision Laboratory of the ETH Zurich was founded in September 2014 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


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