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Improve the customer experience by saving time:

Cosmobutler was founded in 2011 by Alex Benincà and Alexandra Gastpar. Frustrated by the experience with Zurich dry cleaners’ inconvenient opening hours and poor cleaning and ironing quality, Alex decided to challenge the status quo and to create a time saving laundry service which allows you to place a laundry order online, anytime, without having to be at home for pick-up and delivery.

Following popular demand for additional laundry items, Cosmobutler underwent a re-branding in 2012, launching a full-fledged laundry service for anything that can be washed or dry cleaned.

+ Laundry & Dry Cleaning
+ Shoe Care & Repair
+ Home cleaning
+ Carpet & Rug cleaning
+ Upholstery & Soft furniture cleaning

The startup Cosmobutler is based in Zurich, Switzerland and today their services are available in Zurich, Winterthur, Basel, Zug, Berne.

PS: I am sure similar service are available in the big cities around the globe, but to my knowledge no one offers such a complete - dedicated service.

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