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メラノ、南チロル Merano, South Tyrol

Merano, South Tyrol
Meran, Südtirol
Merano, Tyrol du Sud

A historical spa resort with a unique atmosphere:

The city of Merano itself is currently undergoing a successful “facelift.” Everywhere you look, young cafes, restaurants, boutiques and sporting goods stores are popping up in the former Senior Mecca, once so beloved by Empress Sissi because of its climate. Contemporary hotels with spas and beauty centers, including the Hotel Terme Merano, have visible rejuvenated the spa resort.

The air in Merano is permeated with the fragrance of the mountains, with hints of the Mediterranean; the gaze sweeps across the spa resort town and its breathtaking mountain panoramas. And there are few other holiday regions so accessible as South Tyrol – thanks to the Europa Bridge.

Set apart by its unique Alpine-Mediterranean climate, Merano ranks among the warmest and sunniest towns in the Alps, boasting more than 300 sunny days a year. It is this enviable climate that earned it a place amongst Europe’s elite as a beloved year-round holiday destination, even centuries ago. Every season has its own very special charm when it comes to a holiday in Merano.

Merano: it’s all about strolling and shopping!


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Sepp Faessler