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ティチーノ、滝 + 川 Ticino, waterfalls + rivers

ティチーノ、滝 +

Ticino, waterfalls + rivers
Tessin, Wasserfälle + Flüsse
Tessin, cascades + rivières

The most beautiful waterfalls in the Ticino

Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, with their Mediterranean climate, are obvious destinations in the Ticino. However, the waterfalls and the rivers are even more 

The climate of Ticino, while remaining alpine, is noticeably milder than the rest of Switzerland's, enjoying a higher number of sunshine hours and generally warmer temperatures. In German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino is nicknamed Sonnenstube 
(sun porch), owing to the more than 2,300 sunshine hours the canton receives 
every year, compared to 1,700 for Zurich.


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