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インテリジェント草取りをする Smart weeding

Smart weeding
Unkraut intelligent bekämpfen
Désherbage intelligent

Weeding is an essential operation in agriculture:

Modern agriculture heavily relies on chemicals for ensuring high production. This has adverse consequences on the environment and on human health. EcoRobotix wants to contribute to a more sustainable agriculture with the development and commercialization of smarter, lighter and more efficient agricultural machines using robotics and artificial vision technology.

EcoRobotix is developing a revolutionary robot for ecological and economical weeding of row crops. Fully automatic and autonomous in energy, the robot can work for several days without any maintenance and performs weeding with an efficiency of more than 95% of weeds destroyed. The robot is adapted to most types of row crops and performs weeding by combining an advanced vision system that recognizes weeds and a fast-robotic arm to remove them. The robot is lightweight, easy to transport, deploy and store. In addition to its ecological benefits, it allows an important reduction in costs of herbicide, labour, machinery and energy, which offers a return on investment to a European farmer of less than 5 years.

+ 20x less herbicide
+ 100% autonomous
+ 130 kg of simplicity

The company ecoRobotix Ltd. was founded October 2011 and is based in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland.


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