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高精度噴霧器無人機 - 農業 High-precision sprayer drone - agriculture

高精度噴霧器無人機 - 農業

High-precision sprayer drone - agriculture

Hochpräzisions Sprühdrohne - Landwirtschaft

Pulvérisateur drone de haute précision - agriculture


AgroFly aims to revolutionize plant protection treatments to cut public health threats and respond to the crop protection requirements around the world by bringing the right product, at the right time, at the right place. The startup developed and patented a high-precision agricultural sprayer (SpUAV) that is driven by an Unmanned aerial vehicle platform. Bringing the right amount of product at the right place on the crops does not only protect plants efficiently, but also in an eco-friendly manner.


+ Certified:


by Swiss organizations including civil aviation, agricultural, public health, and environmental authorities - other countries pending


+ Scientific assessments:


on vineyards,colza, gardening (asparagus, celery) and on green house shading have already been completed together with Agroscope, the Swiss institute for agricultural research, University of Geisenheim and Syngenta Global’ Crop protection and Application Technology department


+ Swiss-Made drone:



The award-winning company was incorporated April first, 2017 and is based in Sierre, Switzerland.


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