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カスタマーロイヤルティアプリケーション Customer loyalty application


Customer loyalty application


Fidélisation de la clientèle



Digita lcustomer loyalty is one of the big topics in retailing. The Zurich startup poinz recorded a record year with its loyalty apps and has now completed a financing round in the seven-digit range.


Currently, the poinz platform networks around 1200 retailers with more than 360,000 consumers.The corporate clients of poinz include brands such as McDonald's, Migros, Mövenpick or Subway. In 2017, the number of monthly active app users increased by almost 70 percent to more than 100,000. And for Robert Blum, managing director and co-founder of poinz, it is clear: "In 2018, we will double the active user numbers again".


The benefits are measurable, and you only need a single source:


+ simple to handle for employees and customers

+ installation in no time

+ sustainable success

+ win new customers easily

+ retain customers

+ send messages directly to their smartphone


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