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馬のキーバイタルパラメータ Key vital parameters of horses


Key vital parameters of horses

WichtigeVitalparameter von Pferden

Principaux paramètres vitaux des chevaux


Innovative,and precise simultaneous measurement of vital signs of horses:


For the first time, it is possible to measure all key vital parameters of horses simultaneously, continuously and over a long period. However, Piavita is more than data measurement. The Piavita Vet System also includes a web-platformon which highly reliable and medically significant vital data can be reviewed, edited and shared with specialists. The so-called Piavita Platform enables veterinarians to manage their patients and use additional functions such as automated analyses and reports.


The PiavitaVet System measures non-invasively trough the hair coat of the horse:


+ Electrocardiogram(ECG)

+ Pulse Sequence & Heart Rate

+ Respiration Sequence & Rate

+ Body Core Temperature

+ Motion Level & Patterns


As a result,the Piavita Vet System significantly enhances medical diagnosis, efficiency, and quality of veterinarian’s every-day practice. It brings remarkable innovation to the veterinary industry which is highly limited in its technical possibilities and struggles to meet clients’ expectations.


The company Piavita AG veterinary medtech startup was incorporated in 2016 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.



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