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偽物 - 本物:デジタル画像操作 Fake – Real: Digital image manipulation

偽物 - 本物:デジタル画像操作
Fake – Real: Digital image manipulation
Falsch echt: Digitale Bildmanipulation
Faux - réel: Manipulation d'image numérique

Detect falsification in digital images:

Technology today makes it easy for anyone with basic knowledge of programs like Photoshop to falsify digital images or scanned copies of official documents, e.g. birth certificates, bank statements or business contracts. In fact, the simplicity with which images can be modified has become a threat in many industries; think of the media for example.

To help businesses tackle image falsification (or image forgery, in the jargon) and re-build trust, the Geneva based startup Quantum Integrity developed a set of software modules that detect, quantify and qualify manipulations made to digital images.

+ The software determines whether digital images and documents are fraudulent or legitimate.

+ Detects manipulation regardless of methods or software used.

The company Quantum Integrity SA was founded in 2017 and is based in Geneva, Switzerland.


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