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食品廃棄物管理 Food waste management

Food waste management
Verwaltung von Lebensmittelabfällen
Gestion des déchets alimentaires

Simplifying Food Waste Management for the Food and Beverage Industry:

Kitro is developing a solution to enable food and beverage outlets to optimize their performance by reducing avoidable food waste. The startup is running a pilot project within Laax’s Greenstyle sustainability initiative to help restaurants reduce food waste.

Kitro aims to recover the value of food, by measuring and analysing food waste. Kitro developed the first fully automatic food waste management solution for the food and Beverages (F&B) industry. The startup offers an integrated product comprising of the Kitro box and a software, enabling restaurants to identify, track and monitor food waste, thereby reduce costs.

Laax was Kitro’s third pilot. Other outlets that have tested the product or are currently testing it include; Einstein Hotel in St. Gallen, Mercure Hotel in Berlin, Zugorama Canteen, Swiss Re Centre for Global, Dialogue in Rüschlikon, Riders Hotel in Laax and Berghaus Nagens Restaurant.

The company Kitro SA was founded: November 2017 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.



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