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無線パッチ - バイタルサインを測定する Wireless patch - measure vital signs

無線パッチ - バイタルサインを測定する
Wireless patch - measure vital signs
Wireless-Patch - Messung von Vitalfunktionen
Patch sans fil - mesure des signes vitaux

SmartCardia has developed a small, wireless patch able to measure emergency-room patients' vital signs with the same reliability as existing systems involving cumbersome cables.

The patch can be applied easily to patients' chests. It has been tested successfully on hundreds of patients at several hospitals and has proven to be just as reliable as existing cable-intensive systems.

After extensive testing at several hospitals, the device recently obtained the European Union's CE marking for medical devices.

An internet connection is all doctors need to be able to view and track patients' vital signs remotely and in real time, such as on a smartphone or smartwatch.

The company SmartCardia a spin-off of the EPFL was founded: October 2013 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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