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詐欺と偽造、ファッションブランド Fraud and counterfeiting, fashion brands

Fraud and counterfeiting, fashion brands
Betrug und Fälschung, Modemarken
Fraude et contrefaçon, marques de mode

Powerful solutions for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting:

Arylla uses nanotechnology to deliver solutions that address the many different types of fraud that occur during production – unauthorized production (over production), return and warranty fraud, and product diversion. This is done by attaching nanoparticles to the surface of products by dyeing, stamping, or printing, and analyzing the signal they emit upon excitation by the camera flash on the phone. 

+ Permanent record of authenticity into products during manufacturing
+ Can be accessed and monitored using a smartphone
+ No additional hardware is required
+ The technology is completely invisible
+ Complies with AATCC and ASTM standards (durability)
+ Very difficult for fraudsters since they cannot see what to copy

Counterfeit trade costs the global economy up to two trillion dollars every year.

The company Arylla was founded 2015 and is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


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