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モバイルバンキング+個人的な財務計画 Mobile banking + personal financial planning

Mobile banking + personal financial planning
Mobile Banking + persönliche Finanzplanung
Services bancaires mobiles + planification financière personnelle

Financial sector is about to witness a major technological change:

Numbrs, a Zurich based data-driven asset-management company operating as a personal financial services company. The company developed a mobile banking platform, used by millions of active users today. Advanced technologies such as machine learning are powering the company’s effort to improve its customers’ personal finances.

+ Multi-Banking: Manage as many as you have

+ Transactions: Overview of all your transactions

+ Transfer money: Quickly and securely

+ Transactions categorization: Helps to reach your personal budgets and savings targets

+ Notifications: Transactions, budgets, orders and future transactions

+ Security: All data are pseudo-anonymized, encrypted and stored in certified German data centers.

+ Privacy: Tested annually by the German Technical Inspection Authority 

(TÜV) for security

The technology firm has attracted a number of investors, including the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Dubai (ICD), Sir Ronald Cohen (co-founder of APAX Partners) and Pierre Mirabaud (founding family of Mirabaud Private Bank). Over the last three years, the startup has also established a strong Israeli shareholder base; among the leading names are Leon Recanati, Shlomo Nehama, Israel Makov and Boaz Barack.

The company was founded 1999 and the Headquarters are based in Zurich, Switzerland


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