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看護教育+バーチャルリアリティ Nursing education + virtual reality

Nursing education + virtual reality
Pflegeausbildung + virtuelle Realität
Éducation infirmière + réalité virtuelle

Revolutionizes nursing education:

UbiSim is a company dedicated to creating interactive training for nursing students using Virtual reality (VR). UbiSim decentralized training spaces allow high fidelity and cost-effective training on repetitive procedures.

Decentralization of training and accessibility to practical training:

+ you can train as many times as you need to reach the desired level on a procedure - to become an expert in the procedure.

Broadening the scope of training:

+ in virtual reality, the number of applications and scenarios can be expanded

UbiSim allows to develop self-confidence and a better control of the care, thus bringing a real added value in the training of millions of nurses in the world.

The award-winning company was incorporated in July 2017 and is based Ecublens, Switzerland and Shanghai, China.


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