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光学式血圧監視 - 手首 Optical blood pressure monitoring – wrist

光学式血圧監視 - 手首
Optical blood pressure monitoring – wrist
Optische Blutdrucküberwachung - Handgelenk
Surveillance de la pression artérielle optiquement - poignet

Continuous, wireless measurement and monitoring of blood pressure:

The revolutionary cuffless optical Blood Pressure Monitoring technology (oBPM™). oBPM™ combines common optical sensors and clinically validated software algorithms to measure an individual's blood pressure at the wrist.

According to the World Health Organization, more than one 

in three adults suffers from hypertension, a condition which 

leads to 7.5 million deaths in the world each year. A major 

cause of strokes and heart attacks, hypertension is particularly devious, as it is often not detected in time.

The award-winning startup Aktiia SA was founded in 2018 and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.


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