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急硬化コンクリート - 1時間 Rapid-hardening concrete – one hour

急硬化コンクリート - 1時間
Rapid-hardening concrete – one hour
Schnellhärtender Beton - eine Stunde
Béton à durcissement rapide - une heure

Reaches the strength required for a fully loaded passenger aircraft to land 
on it one hour later:

This innovative rapid concrete technology developed by Concretum Construction 
Science AG, is unique worldwide. Successfully launched in 2010 for major 
infrastructure projects on the Swiss market, it has been used at Zurich Airport 
and in many Swiss Federal Railways repair projects.

+ Rapid & easy

+ Durable

+ Economical & environmentally friendly

Rapid-hardening concrete: Q-FLASH 2/20 (ready mixed concrete)

Rapid-hardening mortar: Q-REP G (drymix mortar)

Rapid-hardening concrete: Q-CON (drymix concrete)

Concretum Construction Science AG, a spinoff of the ETH Zurich was incorporated 2001 and is based in Zurich.


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