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1滴の血液、診断 1 drop of blood, medical diagnostics

1 drop of blood, medical diagnostics
1 Tropfen Blut, medizinische Diagnostik
1 goutte de sang, diagnostic médical

Facilitate the early detection, prevention and management of disease:

The company 1Drop Diagnostics has developed a handheld device that has the potential to revolutionize medical diagnostics by providing easy to use, sensitive and accurate blood tests in any setting. They provide tools for people to efficiently manage their health and connect with their medical doctor.

One drop of blood contains a massive amount of information:

millions of cells, trillions of small molecules like proteins, nucleic 

acids, and ions.

Saving lives through better and faster portable medical diagnostics.

The company 1Drop Diagnostics Sarl was Incorporated: June 2012, the headquarter is based in Neuchatel, Switzerland and the company also has an office in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.


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