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抗生物質耐性 Resistance to antibiotics

Resistance to antibiotics
Resistenz gegen Antibiotika
Résistance aux antibiotiques

A revolutionary alternative to culture-based testing from days to hours:

Resistell AG proposes a new approach to determine bacterial resistance to antibiotics, which significantly reduces the time to results and thus benefits the patient and the healthcare system.


+ faster diagnosis

+ reduce the morbidity

+ decrease time spent in the hospital

+ cut overall cost of treatment

+ shortens the antibiotic susceptibility test (AST)

+ does not rely on bacterial growth.

It is estimated that at least 700 000 people die every year from the infections caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria. If no action is taken the death toll may reach 10 million a year by 2050.

The award-winning company was incorporated: April 2018 and the is based in Basel, Switzerland.


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