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凧 - 飛行カメラ Kite - flying camera

凧 - 飛行カメラ
Kite - flying camera
Drachen - fliegende Kamera
Cerf-volant - caméra volante

Aerial shots in seconds; no need for a phone, GPS or piloting:

Fotokite is a unique patent-pending approach of a flying camera designed for reliable, safe flight and is perfect for journalism, aerial inspection, and fun.

What really matters:

+ quick setup

+ maintains a constant angle for steady and smooth shooting

+ no piloting skills required

+ safe to use near people and infrastructures

+ user can focus on: finding the best view angle to obtain the most amazing aerial shots

The award-winning company, an ETH-Zurich spin-off, with offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Syracuse, USA was incorporated in March 2014.


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