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癌組織診断 Cancer tissue diagnostics

Cancer tissue diagnostics
Diagnostic tissulaire du cancer

Fast Fluidic Exchange (FFeX) technology:

Lunaphore Technologies SA, a medtech company, focuses on the development 
of a tissue diagnostics platform for the analysis and classification of tumors. Its 
platform is based on a microfluidic chip technology that allows fine-tuning of 
diagnostic assays and increases their speed and accuracy.

+ Test can be performed in less than 5min, v.s. 2-8h 

using other technologies

+ Higher degrees of responsiveness for urgent testing 

and enable IHC - Immunohistochemistry consultation 

during biopsy procedures

+ Patients can benefit from a faster, better and more 

personalized treatment starting in the operating room

The award-winning company was founded in 2014 and is based in Lausanne, Switzerland.


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