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標準化された拡張現実アプリケーション Standardized Augmented Reality applications

Standardized Augmented Reality applications
Standardisierte Augmented Reality-Anwendungen
Applications de réalité augmentée standardisées

Applications for the B2B-market:

Holo|one is a Swiss-based Augmented Reality start-up, which develops standardized Augmented Reality applications.

+ Cloud-supported solution, three-way bridge 

between company data, employees and the 

Holo|one AR applications ("modules") used within 


+ Add value to the businesses and processes.

+ Well-tested applications.

+ Smart architecture allows easy integration into 

new AR devices & platforms (HoloLens v2, Magic 

Leap One,…).

+ Standardized applications can be used in exchange 

for a licensing fee.

The award - winning company Holo|one AG was incorporated November 
2016, the headquarter is based in Lenzburg, Switzerland with office in 
Berlin, Germany and Chongqing, China.


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