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ブロックチェーン + 農業 Blockchain + agriculture

ブロックチェーン + 農業
Blockchain + agriculture
Blockchain + Landwirtschaft
Blockchain + agriculture

Blockchain documents meat origins down to the last detail:

BeefChain™ connects the best Wyoming beef producers with the supply 
chain technology to make Wyoming Craft Beef products.

The database includes, among other things, where the animal was 
slaughtered, by whom the meat was processed and when it was shipped. 

"At the supermarket, customers can then scan in a code with 

their mobile phones and retrieve this information online," 

explains BeefChain founder Jennings.

The big advantage: Entries in the blockchain cannot be faked or manipulated.

標準化された拡張現実アプリケーション Standardized Augmented Reality applications

Standardized Augmented Reality applications
Standardisierte Augmented Reality-Anwendungen
Applications de réalité augmentée standardisées

Applications for the B2B-market:

Holo|one is a Swiss-based Augmented Reality start-up, which develops standardized Augmented Reality applications.

+ Cloud-supported solution, three-way bridge 

between company data, employees and the 

Holo|one AR applications ("modules") used within 


+ Add value to the businesses and processes.

+ Well-tested applications.

+ Smart architecture allows easy integration into 

new AR devices & platforms (HoloLens v2, Magic 

Leap One,…).

+ Standardized applications can be used in exchange 

for a licensing fee.

The award - winning company Holo|one AG was incorporated November 
2016, the headquarter is based in Lenzburg, Switzerland with office in 
Berlin, Germany and Chongqing, China.


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水の消費を減らす Reduce water consumption

Reduce water consumption
Wasserverbrauch reduzieren
Réduire la consommation d'eau

The shower of the future inspired by geysers:

Gjosa has developed a showering system that achieves unprecedented levels of 
economy in its consumption of water and energy.

The average shower taken in Switzerland uses 11 liters of water per minute, 
Gjosa's technology makes it possible to shower with about 2 liters per minute. 

Significant savings in water as much as 60% to 80% for:

+ hotels

+ transport

+ kitchens

+ hairdressing salons


Luc-E. Amgwerd, Co-Founder / CEO explains: a high-speed jet of small drops 
that feels pleasant and has excellent wetting ability, resulting in a feeling of 

"It involves a new approach to body care and different methods of using water."

The company Gjosa AG was incorporated 2016 and is based in Biel, 


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Business development – 営業開発・EU ・スイス ・Switzerland