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医師に患者 - リアルタイムで Doctors to patients - in real-time

医師に患者 - リアルタイム
Doctors to patients - in real-time
Ärzte zu Patienten - in Echtzeit
Médecins à patients - en temps réel

A world with rising healthcare costs:

Knok Healthcare, Lda develops and operates a healthcare platform that enables on-demand and in person medical support services to patients.

The mission: To revolutionize healthcare and center its focus on doctors and patients. Connects doctors to patients in real-time for personal appointments.

Saves time:
The doctor comes to the patient, meeting him wherever it is needed, avoiding the long and stressful waiting queues.

Builds comfort:
It is never easy to bring small children and elderly people with mobility problems to a hospital.

Always near:
Through GPS, the patient can see who the nearby doctors are and request any of them.

4 taps to request the specific doctor that a patient wants to set an appointment.


Patient data will be encrypted and confidential.

The startup Knok Healthcare, Lda was founded 2015 and is based in Porto, Portugal.

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ティチーノ、滝 + 川 Ticino, waterfalls + rivers

ティチーノ、滝 +

Ticino, waterfalls + rivers
Tessin, Wasserfälle + Flüsse
Tessin, cascades + rivières

The most beautiful waterfalls in the Ticino

Lake Maggiore and Lake Lugano, with their Mediterranean climate, are obvious destinations in the Ticino. However, the waterfalls and the rivers are even more 

The climate of Ticino, while remaining alpine, is noticeably milder than the rest of Switzerland's, enjoying a higher number of sunshine hours and generally warmer temperatures. In German-speaking Switzerland, Ticino is nicknamed Sonnenstube 
(sun porch), owing to the more than 2,300 sunshine hours the canton receives 
every year, compared to 1,700 for Zurich.


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ジェットパック Jetpacks


The Martin Jetpack is the world's first practical Jetpack, set to revolutionize the industries of aviation, recreation and transportation. This inspirational and versatile product can be flown by a pilot or via remote control.

+ equipped with two mantle propellers
+ reach an altitude of up to 1000 meters
+ carry 120 kilograms of equipment
+ stay in the air for about half an hour

These devices were under development for 30 years and cost around 250,000 US Dollar per piece.

Martin Aircraft Company is based in Christchurch, New Zealand

PS: The fire department in Dubai bought 20 jetpacks from the company Martin Aircraft to be better equipped in the future for the fire-fighting of high-rise buildings.


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