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ブレークスルー - PET +ポリエステルリサイクル Breakthrough - PET + polyester recycling

ブレークスルー - PET +ポリエステルリサイクル
Breakthrough - PET + polyester recycling
Durchbruch - Recycling von PET + Polyester
Percée - recyclage de PET + polyester

Virgin PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) or polyester comes from garbage instead from fossil resources:

The Gr3n, a Swiss based startup developed an industrial-grade prototype that uses microwave radiation to increase the proportion of plastics that can be recycled while enhancing the quality of recycled plastics such as PET or polyester.

Advantages of the patented chemical recycling process technology:

+ based on a well-known chemical reaction

+ reduces the reaction time from 180 to 10 minutes compared to the conventional heating

+ obtaining the same raw materials as used for virgin PET polymerization

+ treatment of all PET products

+ economically efficient process

+ currently pilot plant phase allows an industrial implementation of this recycling method

Quote: Many depolymerization paths can be chosen!

The main driving forces of the choice are:

+ The economic benefits in terms of reaction energy/time and product purification efforts

+ The purity of the products according to the feedstock contamination

The award-winning company was founded 2013 and is based in Castagnola, 

Part of the European DEMETO project:


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ブロックチェーン + 農業 Blockchain + agriculture

ブロックチェーン + 農業
Blockchain + agriculture
Blockchain + Landwirtschaft
Blockchain + agriculture

Blockchain documents meat origins down to the last detail:

BeefChain™ connects the best Wyoming beef producers with the supply 
chain technology to make Wyoming Craft Beef products.

The database includes, among other things, where the animal was 
slaughtered, by whom the meat was processed and when it was shipped. 

"At the supermarket, customers can then scan in a code with 

their mobile phones and retrieve this information online," 

explains BeefChain founder Jennings.

The big advantage: Entries in the blockchain cannot be faked or manipulated.