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斬新な木材 Innovative wood

Innovative wood
Innovatives Holz
Bois innovant

A Swiss alternative to endangered tropical wood species:

Swiss Wood Solutions develops and produces innovative wood-based materials with enhanced customer values. By modifying bulk wood or decorative veneers from sustainable sources, the materials obtain the desired properties. The first product of this Start-up is the Swiss Tropical Wood Line.


+ Wood density greatly increased
+ Adjustable parameters: Brinell-hardness, density, color
+ Stable dimensions
+ Native solid woods such as ash, beech, maple

Quote: One musician was reluctant to give our cello prototype back and proposed leaving us her top-notch ebony tailpiece instead, says Dr. Oliver Kläusler CEO.

Her explanation: her cello sounded “sexier” than ever with Swiss Ebony.

The company Swiss Wood Solutions AG was founded October 2016 and is based at the ETH Zürich, Institut für Baustoffe, Zürich.


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