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安いクリーンエネルギー Cheap clean energy

Cheap clean energy
Günstige saubere Energie
Energie propre bon marché

One billion people do not have access to electricity:

HiLyte-Power is a Swiss-based startup that aims at providing cheap clean 
energy for people who still use kerosene for lighting. The HiLyte battery 
produces enough power to both charge a phone and give light to a room 
for one night, all the consumables being non-toxic and easy to find 
everywhere on Earth.

The company’s HiLyte battery is also an excellent tool for teaching 
chemistry in schools worldwide.

The Iron battery:

+ based on iron, paper, and iron salt

+ cheap and nontoxic without any harm for the environment

+ consumables easy to find everywhere in the world

The award-winning company HiLyte Sarl. was founded in January 2018 
and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.


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カーボンファイバー3Dプリント Carbon fiber 3D printing

Carbon fiber 3D printing
Kohlefaser 3D-Druck
Impression 3D fibre de carbone

Simplifying the use of high-performance materials:

9T Labs has developed a 3D printing technique that uses continuously 
reinforced carbon fiber composites. Their innovative 3d printer integrates 
state-of-the-art sensor technology and learning techniques that allow for 
flexible manufacturing, complex geometric designs as well as faster and 
cheaper low volume production compared to conventional processes.

Carbon fiber materials due to its extraordinary high strength to weight ratio 
is used to design parts for satellites, medical prosthetics, drones, aeronautic, 
watches, automotive and other fields.


No need to buy a new 3D printer

The award-winning company 9T Labs AG, a spinoff from ETH Zurich, was 
founded 2018 and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.


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Business development – 営業開発・EU ・スイス ・Switzerland


小売自動化ロボット Retail Automation Robot

Retail Automation Robot
Vente au detail Robot d'automatisation
Roboter für die Einzelhandelsautomatisierung

Auditing shelf stock is boring, inconvenient, time- and labor-intensive 
and prone to error:

Simbe Robotics, Inc. develops and manufactures Tally, an autonomous 
robotic shelf auditing and analytics solution for the retail Industry. The 
device navigates store aisles capturing current inventory levels and 
feeding the data to store staffers.

Tally travels around a store scanning the shelves for 

issues such as:

+ low stock

+ pricing errors and more

feedback to a tablet device in real-time

It is estimated that global retailers lose around 634.1 billion dollars per year in 
missed sales opportunities arising from out of stock items, empty shelves, and
 other inconsistencies in-store.

The company Simbe Robotics, Inc. was founded in 2014 and is headquartered 
in San Francisco, California, USA.


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