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ワイン祭、ヌーシャテル Grape harvest festival, Neuchâtel

Grape harvest festival, Neuchâtel
Winzerfest, Neuenburg
Fête des vendanges, Neuchâtel

Each year, the start of the grape harvests in the Neuchâtel Country is celebrated on the last weekend in September.


Have a nice weekend and see you again next week.

Sepp Faessler

リアルタイム汗分析 Real-time sweat analysis

Real-time sweat analysis
Analyse de sueur en temps réel

Detect numerous biomarkers – all from a single bead of sweat:

Kenzen is a developer of a next-generation wearables platform that continuously monitors, predicts and prevents avoidable health conditions using non-invasive sweat analysis. Kenzen’s ECHO Smart Patch wearable uses multiple patented biosensors to continuously measure vital health signs and gather reliable data to prevent injuries, illness and to optimize health.

Everyone sweats – it's an essential function of a healthy body:

+ real-time predictive analytics
+ aim of preempting dehydration, cramping, and injuries
+ pain-free, comprehensive analysis
+ better understand your health, in any situation

A tremendous technology that can help sports teams, and impact fitness and health overall.

The company was founded 2014 and has two headquarters: one in San Francisco, USA and one in Zurich, Switzerland.


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ウェルネス、週末 Wellness, weekend

Wellness, weekend
Wellness, Wochenende
Wellness, week-end

What is wellness?

Wellness means different things to different people.

By wellness today, we mean mostly the possibility to escape everyday life, spend a few days in a nice – charming hotel, a spa, a hot spring bath or a massage. Surrounded by the bubbling of the jacuzzi, a glass of Prosecco in the hand or cozy sweating in the sauna or hammam and looking forward to a multi course meal.

Six wellness oases, which are perfect for a short break:

Wellness in Leukerbad

Romantic wellness in Brunnen

Wellness in Kandersteg

Luxury break in Lugano

Relax in Saas-Fee

Wellness in Brigels


Have a great weekend and see you again next week.

Sepp Faessler