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電気飛行機 Electric Airplane

Electric Airplane
Elektrisches Flugzeug
Avion électrique

Developing A 4-Seater Electric Airplane:

During 8 months 12 ETH mechanical and electrical engineering students, will develop a 4-seater electrical airplane with modular batterry system, based on a Sling TSi. The ETH focus project will start in Sept. 2020 and end in May 2021.

メリークリスマス + 幸せな新年 Merry Christmas + happy New Year

メリークリスマス + 幸せな新年
Merry Christmas + happy New Year
Frohe Weihnachten + frohes neues Jahr
Joyeux Noël + bonne année

Christmas is around the corner. The celebration of hope, precious memories, of candlelight. Especially, at this particular time, we need light and hope.

I wish you a Merry Christmas, for the New Year 2021 success, happiness, good health, and joyful events.

See you again next year

Sepp W. Faessler

テキスタイルリサイクル Textile recycling

Textile recycling
Textil recycling
Textile recyclage

This is unique! Create new raw materials from old clothes - mixed fabrics :

The ingredients that are needed: technology and processes, a secret formula for the solvent and lots of clothes for recycling.

The problem:

Until now it was only possible to recycle clothes made from pure cotton.

So far, this has not worked with so-called mixed fabrics.

Modern clothing is more and more made up of a few percent of polyester, elastane, or another synthetic fiber to make it more comfortable to wear.

In England: The joint venture Worn Again is building a pilot plant with a planned output of 1000 tons per year. Systems with an annual output of up to 40,000 tons are possible.