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適切なサイズを見つける、オンラインショッピング Find right sizes, online shopping

Find right sizes, online shopping
Finden Sie die richtigen Grössen, Online-Shopping
Trouvez les bonnes tailles, les achats en ligne

Making online shopping simpler, fun and to reduce the number of items returned:

EyeFitU, a shopping App that allows users to find their right sizes, continues to gain momentum. Since establishment the App has generated more than 230'000 downloads. Online shopping enthusiasts can look up clothes in their sizes. More than 1’000’000 items are provided by more than 50 online stores from the United Kindom, Germany, United States and Switzerland

Shoppers are confused about their size and measurements especially if they are shopping online:

+ clothes are labelled using many different ad-hoc size systems
+ country-specific or vendor specific labels
+ high share of online orders are returned
+ costly for the online stores
+ time-consuming for the shopper

The award-winning company was founded in December 2012 and is based in Herrliberg, Switzerland.


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