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家庭園芸用ロボット - ハイテク Robots for home gardening - High-tech

家庭園芸用ロボット - ハイテク
Robots for home gardening - High-tech
Roboter für Haus- Kleingärten - High-Tech
Robots pour le jardinage - High-tech

Genesis is the first commercial version of autonomous gardening idea and is part the high-tech farming revolution.

+ 33 common crops so far (artichokes, chard, potatoes, peas, squash, etc.)
+ Planting
+ Weeding
+ Watering schedules until the veggies are ready to harvest
+ Easy to install and easy to use
+ Internet-connected, monitors real-time weather conditions
+ Fully open-source project
+ Sold as a kit
+ Price about US $2,900, eventually close to US $1,000

FarmBot Inc. is a California based company. The Shuttleworth Foundation awarded FarmBot’s inventor, Rory Aronson, a fellowship grant, allowing him to work full-time on the project.


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