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治療栄養 - 筋肉の老化を逆転さ Therapeutic nutrition - reverse muscle aging

治療栄養 - 筋肉の老化を逆転さ
Therapeutic nutrition - reverse muscle aging
Therapeutische Ernährung - Umkehren der Muskelalterung
Nutrition thérapeutique - vieillissement musculaire inversé

Scientific breakthroughs in nutrition to manage health conditions linked to aging:

Acting at the intersection of the food and pharma industries, Amazentis employs best-in-class science to discover and develop new products to manage specific health needs and support an active lifestyle.

The Company’s lead product candidate:

+ Urolithin A, improves mitochondrial and muscle function, resulting in enhanced muscle strength and endurance during aging.
+ Compounds found in the pomegranate and other fruits and nuts.
+ First human clinical trial with results expected in 2017.

Johan Auwerx, Professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland, and lead author:

“We believe this research is a milestone in current anti-aging efforts, which have previously focused on traditional pharmaceutical modalities, and illustrates the opportunity of rigorously tested nutritional bioactive agents that we consider to have outstanding potential for human health.”

Founded in 2007 out of a research lab at the EPFL, Amazentis SA is an innovative, dynamic and growing clinical stage biotech company positioned in the consumer health and clinical nutrition sectors and is located in the multicultural region of Lausanne, Switzerland.

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