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アンチエイジング医学 Anti-aging medicine

Anti-aging medicine
Anti-Alterungs Medizin
Anti vieillissement médecine

Revolutionize the world of anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures:

PB&B has developed biodegradable microspheres loaded with lipids (plant-derived) which are locally released and stored in fat tissues. PB&B injections locally increase fat tissue volume in situ, which is desirable in treating facial aging and wrinkles, as well as for body shaping applications. Patients view this Aesthetic treatment as all natural due to results stemming from their own tissues and using molecules naturally present in the body.

+ Natural results
+ Longer results
+ Biodegradable & biocompatible

Enter the clinical testing phase by Q2-2017 and market entry is expected for 2020.

PB&B SA is a Swiss MedTech startup founded in 2013 by a team of bioengineers, PB&B has developed its technology in partnership with plastic surgeons and scientists at EPFL and the University Hospitals of Geneva (HUG).

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