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パジャマ新しい発明、より良い睡眠 Sleepwear reinvented, better sleep

Sleepwear reinvented, better sleep
Nachtwäsche neu erfunden, besserer Schlaf
Vêtements de nuit réinventés, meilleur sommeil

Patented high performance sleepwear scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort for a better sleep quality:

Sleep influences nearly every facet of our lives, but today we sleep about two hours less than 40 years ago. Almost 75 percent of all adults nowadays suffer from periodic sleep disorders – one of the biggest factor in personal health. To ensure that the time we sleep is used as optimally as possible, Dagsmejan has developed a range of “High Performance Sleepwear” whose innovative textiles and processing techniques have a positive effect on sleep quality.

Inspired by the great advances in sportswear, improving sleep quality on three levels:

Physiologically: Innovative fiber combinations and tissue constructions wick moisture away from the body and keep the body temperature in the ideal range during the entire sleep cycle. This greatly reduces unnecessary sleep interruptions or sleep disorders due to night sweats or fluctuations in body temperature during the night.

Ergonomic wearing comfort: We change our sleeping position about 20 times per night; our ergonomic design allows us to ensure that the sleepwear fits the body perfectly all-night long.

Sensory wearing comfort: Minimizing the number of seams and other pressure points, as well as using ultra-fine materials, provides sensory wearing comfort.

The award-winning company Dagsmejan AG is based in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

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