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プロバイオティクス - 動物農業 Probiotics - animal farming

プロバイオティクス - 動物農業
Probiotics - animal farming
Probiotika - Tierzucht
Probiotiques - l'élevage

Feeding over 9 billion people by 2050 is going to be one of the major challenges:

Intensive animal farming has three major problems; firstly, animal feed is very expensing, secondly, diseases spread very quickly when animals are stocked at high density and thirdly, they produce a lot of pollution.

The start-up, TwentyGreen has developed (patent application filed) a new triple active probiotic feed supplement that achieves three major goals of the animal farming industry at the same time:

+ animals grow faster
+ are healthier
+ create less waste and pollution

The animals receive the same amount of feed thereby reducing feeding costs, they require less antibiotic interventions which ease disease burden and antibiotic effluence as well as reduce the ecological impact of animal farming.

The current on-going activities include production, animal-trial and quality-control supply chain which are located in Switzerland. This geographical setting gives them utmost advantage by virtue of fact that Switzerland is renowned for its high quality, reliability, safe and responsible products.

TwentyGreen was established in October 2015 at the Technopark Luzern as a spin-off of the EPFL, Switzerland.

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